Rocío Machimbarrena, Regensburg

Why did you choose Regensburg?

First for the opportunity to be able to have a double qualifications: classified in Management and Managerial Marketing for the EUCCB and also classified in European Business for the OTH. On the other hand, to penetrate more into the German. Nevertheless what more attracted me was the idea of having to do the practices in Germany, in a city like Regensburg. To understand how a German company, his vision works, to do myself to his culture and form of work will make me grow professionally.Rocío Machimbarrena Alumna de la EUCCB en Regensburg

What can we visit in the Regensburg?

Regensburg is a city full of history, any corner of the ancient part has his captivation. In fact, heritage of the humanity was named by the UNESCO. His Gothic cathedral, Saint Peters Dom, is very visited, as his bridge of stone.

How did you find residence?

It was the same international department of the OTH who I look for my residence. I have heard that the residence Hiltnerheim was the best and I asked them if it would be possible to live there. I was lucky and now I share floor with 5 Germans.

What do you like most about Hochschule Regensburg?

The university is very nice. It has an enormous campus, and there are many students. What I most like are the facilities. They are to the last one in technological topics. The dining room offers very good and attainable food. Paying 15 € every four-month period I can sign to all the sports that it wants.

How much is the transport in the city?

On having come to Regensburg we pay 130 € for the card of the university, which covers the transport inside the city. With the card I can travel in bus of free form for the whole city (the most common way, apart from the bicycle).

How much does the trains cost to visit other European cities?

There is a train ticket that exists that is called, the Bayern Ticket, what allows you to travel to Bavaria. It is very nice because if you do a group of 5 people, each traveler only pays 8 € to travel unlimited. It can be by train, meter or bus for the Bavarian territory.

We thank you for sharing your experience with us and for advising us what to do in Regensburg.