Nerea Sanz, París

Why did you choose to go to Paris?Nerea Sanz Alumna de la EUCCB en Paris

I choose Paris because I like big cities and what’s bigger than a capital? Also, coming to Paris I had two additional benefits, attend to a «Grand École» and recognition of French subject in the EUCCB.

What can we visit in Paris?

Paris is not just the popular tourist areas. There are the typical places that are awesome such as climbing the Eiffel Tower or having a picnic on the steps of Sacre Coeur.

But there are many unknown areas we can visit: Le Bois de Boulogne, Vincennes, les Catacombes, etc. To get lost in the streets of Paris is the best way to get to know the city from another perspective and it means you can appreciate better what people mean when they talk about Paris as something more than just a city.

How did you find a flat?

This will be the most difficult part of the beginning of the trip. We must be ready to be rejected. First of all, if you want that they consider your candidature to rent the flat, the best thing to do is to open a French bank account.
If you want to share apartment, the process may not be through an agency but through websites like and as it will be «unofficial» way, you won’t have housing assistance rights, but maybe it’s a cheaper option.

If you are looking for a studio or apartment on your own, it’s very expensive. It took me one month to find a studio. Most agencies are not helpful and normally the owners choose the new renter. You just limit yourself to leave your dossier and receive a negative because they prefer French students or maybe they just don’t answer. Furthermore, even if you pay 1000 € per month it is not a wonderful studio. Parisian buildings outside may look great, but inside most give the impression that the building needs to be demolished completely.

What do you like most about Novancia Business School?

The university is very different from ours and my impression was good, although there are several classes that are repeated with what we gave in 3rd year. On the other hand, the hours are crazy and we have more classes than the rest of the Erasmus students. They are also quite strict with the faults, you can only have 2 faults in each subject.

How much does the transport cost in the city?

A single ticket is very expensive. There’s the possibility of obtaining an annual card called Imagine-R, it only costs 340 € for a year. It takes about 3 weeks to send it home but it’s worth it. Until the card arrives, you can buy a 10 travel ticket for 14,10 €.

How much do the trains to visit other European cities cost?

I have not visited any other city but I’ve looked at different prices they change depending on the week and the advance with which you buy them. Sometimes, if the city is not far away, it’s worth taking a bus. I can give the example of a round-trip ride bus from Paris to Brussels for 25 €.

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