Interview to Nuria López, alumnus of the EUCCB

Here, we have a chance to interview Nuria López, student of EUCCB. We are going to talk about her experience at Geneva.

Why did you decide to spend 1 year abroad?

I was studying “Comercio Exterior” in the Cámara de Comercio and I really wanted to get to know other cultures. What is more, improve my command of French while living in different surroundings in foreign country.

Where did you go?

I opted for Grenoble and assisted courses in the Grenoble Ecole de Management there.

How would you summarize your experience there? 

In this year I really learned a lot about myself and people, but also in terms of professional competences. It made me become a more independent person that is more open when it comes to getting to know new people and different cultures. In addition, I got to know a different style of teaching, which I found very interesting. And I did not only improve my French considerably, but also my English. It really is an experience that I can recommend anyone!

What were you afraid of before you left to Geneva? What did you have difficulties with?

I struggled in the beginning because of my low level of French, so the living together in my flat was a bit complicated. But one step after another, I improved my language skills and familiarized myself with the language, as well as my flatmates!

Did you use the opportunity to travel to other places?

Yes! As Grenoble is really the capital of the French Alps. I loved to go skiing in my spare time and go on excursions to the mountains. And I made many new friends which I later visited in their home towns, or who came to visit me here in Bilbao.

What did you like best about this experience?

Grenoble is an incredible city which has a lot of activities for young people and students to do in their spare time. It never got boring! Besides, I really liked the fact that you would always meet people that were travelling and came from all around the world.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us your experince in this interview, Nuria.

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