Diego Merino, Hamburg

Why did you choose Hamburg?

Diego Merino Alumno de la EUCCB en HamburgI wanted to go to Germany. And I had three possible destinations: Regensburg, Berlin and Hamburg. But for me the most convincing out of those three was Berlin. But I knew that the option of going to Berlin were very little. Was, so sooner or later this all drove me to go to Hamburg. I researched about the city and I saw that it wasn’t a big city nor wasn’t that populated as Berlin. My main idea was to go to a city that has a similar size as Bilbao, that it would be easy for me to move and that it is near the coast.

After doing all these investigations I decided to move to this city where I am living now. Moving to Hamburg also gives me an opportunity to devote myself more into marketing, which is the branch I am specialized. Since Hamburg stands out for his maritime transport and whose port is the second most important of Europe.

Which places can we visit in Hamburg?

In Hamburg there are many places to visit, in one month I was able to see many wonders of the city. Hamburg is a very nice, clean city and has a lot of tourist do to its culture. I would like to emphasize on an area in Hamburg called holiday «riperban». It is in the centre of the city where there are 72 bars in a row. In this area you can go to live concerts or just go to different events that we don’t have in Spain.

How did you find your accommodation?

At first it is difficult, but if you do not try then you won’t find anything. I sincerely found mine by accident. The main place where I looked for my location is one of the sites were the majority of Germans find there flats. It is a page where you create a profile, with your description and your photo. And from there on you look for your offers. I was lucky a lady replied to one of my coments and offered me a apartment to share. And without doubting I accepted, it is a perfect flat for me. An advice for the whole world that wants to look for flats in Germany is that you should look beforehand. And that you should not only focus on one web page but you should look on various pages and you might just get lucky.

What do you like the most about the Hamburg School of Business Administration?

I really like that I can get a double degree. The German university, including the university of Hamburg, have quarters not semesters. You study for 6 months in the university and after that you work for a company doing an internship for another 6 months. This is the same thing as doing a whole year in our university, even some internships are remunerated, this is an opportunity for me to advance in my career and I can even get a permanent contract in one of these companies.

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