Arantzazu González, La Rochelle

Why did you choose The Rochelle?

The first reason was to study in France to learn the language and to know the culture. In addition, in the university Sup de Co of The Rochelle was offering double degree, which is really important to look for work abroad.

What can we visit in The Rochelle?Arantzazu González La Rochelle

Living in The Rochelle gives you the opportunity to enjoy the port with its medieval towers, the youth usually sit on the shore of the sea to have a drink, listen to music or just a walk.

In addition, you can also visit the Ré’s island and Oleron’s Island, where the students go to surf enjoy the nature and do picnics. Equally for the lovers of surf, Hossegor is very close and usually we go there to spend our holidays to see the championships of Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro France.
Other cities that can be visited are Rochefort, Cognac, Bordeaux and Nantes.

How did you find an apartment?

The pages where I searched to find one:

In addition also it is possible to find information in the Erasmus page of Facebook.

What do you like most of all of Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle?

In Sup de Co there are many international students which allows you to prosper culturally, to know people with different perspectives of the life and to practice many languages. The facilities of the university are very nice; we have a great cafeteria as well as a great library. The teachers teach with motivation and are professional that they demonstrate to dominate the matter. The subjects are two weeks and it does that the pupil does not lose the thread. Likewise, the classes are very practical and this allows learning really the concepts.

How much is the transport in the city?

Normally, the students move in bicycle. In my case, I have a card of bus that costs 20 €/month. Everything depends of where you live and of your preferences.

How much do they cost the trains to visit other European cities?

It depends on that you want to visit city. To move for France a card of 50 exists € that costs for one year if you are a student and it you reduces the prices from 20 % to 60 % for trip. Of all forms there exists the option of the Bla Bla Car.

Thank you Arantzazu for telling us you experience in The Rochelle.

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